Recap AOR Euro Tour 2021

Due to the corona virus, it was unfortunately not possible to organize an event in 2021. That's why we've done it a little different this year. We brought Justin Ashford to the Netherlands and created several small-scale events to inspire you and take you a step further in your repair career.

On this page we give you a recap of the AOR Euro tour consisting of shop visits, tool labs and the L3 repair bootcamp.

L3 Repair Bootcamp

During this masterclass, micro soldering was the main topic. Justin Ashford told all the ins and outs you need to know about micro soldering. With the tools given during this training, the participants can now develop themselves and become a master in micro soldering.
It wasn't just about micro soldering, the rest of repair was not forgotten! Justin took the participants through all the challenges that repair brings. In this 4-day training Justin has covered everything about level 2 repairs, tools, micro soldering and basic knowledge of entrepreneurship. After this course, all graduates received a certificate. Ready for the future of repair!

Did you miss this course and would you also like to be prepared for the future? In 2022 the second edition of the Art of Repair Tour will take place and you can register for Justin’s L3 Repair Bootcamp from now on! In seven days you will learn all the tricks of micro soldering and you will receive personal advice to improve your skills for now and the future.

Store visits

Justin Ashford from the Art of Repair has also traveled around the Netherlands to meet you, the repair professionals, to have a personal conversation to see what could be improved in your shop. Justin has visited hundreds of repair shops around the world and therefore has a lot of experience when it comes to repair shops. This is why he can give you all the tips and tricks you need to take your shop to the next level.
Didn't he visit you? Watch all episodes below so you can still learn something from his knowledge and tips!

Do you want to watch all episodes? Click here!

Justin’s Tool Lab

Finally, there was a Tool lab where you could ask all questions regarding tools and try out tools. This way, you could first feel whether a tool suited you before purchasing it. In addition, Justin was happy to discuss tools with you and wanted to know your opinion about it. Who knows, we might take your feedback to the manufacturers and you will make a difference in the tool industry!

Also in 2022 Justin is happy to welcome you in his Tool Lab. Dates for this will follow.