L3 repair bootcamp by Justin Ashford & Quirijn Woudsma

The micro soldering course is back!

Do you want to take your repair skills to the next level? Take further steps with micro soldering! Micro soldering is the future of mobile repairs and therefore indispensable for running a repair shop. In a 7-day course Justin and Quirijn explain everything you need to know about level 2 repairs, tools, the basics of entrepreneurship and especially: micro soldering. This way, you will be able to help every customer and professionalize your shop.

Within 7 days you will learn all the ins and outs about micro soldering. This course is for repair professionals who want to start with micro soldering and for repair professionals who already know something about it. Justin will give you all the tools to improve yourself and he will give you live advice based on your personal skills.

To become a pro in micro soldering you must also master L2 repairs. That is why during the course the 5 parts of L2 repairs will also be discussed: heat, separation, residual cleanup, adhesives and sealing.
Justin and Quirijn will take you through all the challenges of mobile repair. This course is designed to prepare you for all the things you will learn and need during your repair and especially your microsoldering career.

After this course, you will know all about tools, the microscope, thermodynamics and how to use them. You will also be able to replace an IC chip, know all about EMI shields, learn all about BGA stencils, the placement of a BGA or QFN, epoxy and jumpers.
In other words, you'll know all the concepts, theory, actions and the correct procedure from start to finish.

Dates for other editions will be announced soon!

Please note that it is important to be present on all 7 days. A no show does not entitle you to a refund.

The course lasts 7 days and is in Arnhem. The course will be in English, Quirijn is available for Dutch support and translation. Quirijn himself has years of experience with micro soldering and previously he also gave training in micro soldering. So you can also ask him everything you want to know.
We will make COVID-19 tests available prior to the training. Don't forget to bring your laptop with Windows 10 for schematic support.

Do you find out after the first day that this is not the right training for you? Then you have a money back guarantee.
The price of this course is €1950,- excl. VAT. It is also possible to pay in 4 periods, €500 per period.
The price includes:

5% discount coupon on tools;
Official Art of Repair certificate.

Be prepared for the future of mobile repair and apply now via the form below!
Please note, after registration we will send you an invoice. The registration is only complete and valid after payment*.

*The training will only take place with a minimum of five paid registrations. Two weeks before the start of the training you'll hear whether the training will continue or if it's canceled. In the event that it is cancelled, we will try to move your reservation to a new date. If this is not possible, we will refund you.

Curious about what you will learn?

You will be introduced to the first fundamental cornerstones of repair as well as other key topics to strip you of your fear and misunderstandings about electronics repair in general. We will talk about the theory of tools and discuss the best desk set up for ease of use and efficiency.

You will also start to dive into the missing details and science of repair that will give us the needed foundational skills to learn any new repair skill. We will also get over the five parts of Level 2 repair: heat, separation, residual cleanup, adhesives and sealing.

You will undertake the Art of Repairs masterclass on microsoldering. This will take you through the all basic skills needed to complete 75% of all work that comes through your shop and give you the ability to conquer the last 25% on your own time quite easily. You will learn the micro soldering 101 theory and later on we will put this into practice with 102. This portion of the course will be much more intense and will be filled with lots of discussion and hands on work.